Auto / Light Truck / RVs

We pride ourselves on exceptional service. Most services can be performed in one hour or less and we specialize in same-day installations. We also do free tire rotations on Auto, Light Truck and SUV’s with the purchase of a set of tires.

Aluminum Wheel Cleaning

We’ll clean your wheels right with our state-of-the-art Aluminum Wheel Cleaning System. Aluminum wheels have a tendancy to develop corrosion between the tire and wheel. If the cleaning of the bead area of the wheels is done incorrectly or not at all, bead leaks can develop along the rim. We’ll make sure you’re wheels are 100% effectively cleaned and ready to go.

TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Every vehicle newer than 2007 has an on-board Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). When a tire gets low on pressure, the TMPS will inform you of this via a warning on the dash. Low tire pressure is the single biggest danger to your tires. We have the equipment needed to make sure that your TPMS is working optimally.

Hunter Road Force Balancing

Wonderland Tire is always looking for ways to make our services more efficient and our capabilities more broad. That’s why we utilize Hunter Road Force Balancing–and have been doing so now for over five years.

This revolutionary tire balancing machine applies a load to the tire to simulate being driven down the road on your car during the balancing process. If necessary, it can also match the tire to the wheel to make a smoother riding assembly. With the use of the Hunter Road Force balancer, our technicians are able to duplicate your vehicle’s wheel vibrations and pinpoint exactly what needs to be done to restore a smooth ride. Hunter prides itself on being able to reproduce that “new car ride” and so do we.

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