Uniroyal Tires

Since 1892, Uniroyal has been developing high quality, dependable tires. Uniroyal offers three categories of tires that include:

  • Car / Minivan Tires
  • SUV / Pickup Tires
  • Commercial Tires

Uniroyal has three types of car / minivan tires: the Tiger Paw Touring, the Tiger Paw GTZ All Season, and the Tiger Paw AWP II. The Tiger Paw AWP II is one of the company’s best-selling, all-season tires with a 65,000 mile warranty. It delivers a smooth ride, handling and traction. Tiger Paw Touring tires are constructed with DuraShield to increase durability. These tires are designed with an excellent tread design and have a large tread groove to increase traction. The last of Uniroyal’s passenger tires, the Tiger Paw GTZ All Season, are high-performance and offer customers a sporty design.

The company has four different types of SUV and pickup tires that are all-season, affordable, long lasting, and of high quality. With DuraShield construction and enhanced traction and grip, these Uniroyal tires are an economical choice for SUV and pickups.

The two types of commercial tires that Uniroyal manufactures are the Laredo HD/H and the Laredo HD/T. These tires are great for everyday use and deliver in the toughest of conditions. The HD/H is made of two polyester carcass plys to help support heavy loads and has durable traction and treadwear designs. Specifically, the HD/T is made for off-road traction and performs well in snow.

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