Michelin Tires

For the past 125 years, Michelin has been using industry leading technology to create safe tire products. Today, their EverGrip technology increased tire traction and Acoustic Technology reduces road vibrations by more than 20% of other tire companies. Michelin Selfseal Technology was recently produced to help seal tire punctures up to ¼” inch.

The company provides customers with a choice of five categories of tire lines that include:

  • Light Truck Tires
  • Luxury Performance Tires
  • Passenger Car and Minivan Tires
  • Ultra-High Performance Sport Tires
  • SUV / Crossover Tires


Michelin believes in a Total Performance proposition. Michelin uses cutting edge technology and testing to make sure you are getting a quality and safe set of tires at a reasonable price.

Michelin engineers focus on reducing rolling resistance to increase fuel efficiency. Recently, in 2012, the company began using Michelin Energy (E-V) to increase that capability in electric cars, and Michelin is working on their fifth generation of green tires which will increase fuel economy by more than 2% and reduce CO2 emissions.

Michelin continues to deliver on the concepts of handling, comfort, and durability and incorporates these qualities into all of the tires they design. With a passion to deliver and proven results on the track and in the city, you can count on Michelin tires.

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