Hankook Tires

The company’s Kontrol Technology is used in the production of all Hankook products and focuses on the kinetic movement and interactions between the car, driver, passenger and road. Hankook’s top priorities when innovating and testing tires are performance, safety, comfort, the environment. Their engineers always keep these qualities in mind to consistently improve the durability, handling, driving experience, and fuel efficiency of all of their models, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Based on these features, Hankook currently has four different categories of tires on the market that include:

  • Passenger Tires
  • SUV / CUV Tires
  • Light Truck Tires
  • Truck / Bus Tires


There are thirteen types of passenger tires that range in performance from summer, winter, and runflat, to models designed for all season performance or ultra performance.

Hankook’s seven lines of SUV / CUV tires are rated for increased comfortability and reduced noise compared to truck / bus tires. Hankook’s specialty are truck / bus tires, and they offer a variety of twenty different models for consumers and companies can choose from.

Hankook is always innovating and developing new tires. Three new, futuristic tire designs in the process of being tested are the Boostrac, Alpike, and Hyblade. The Boostrac tire will feature a tread block that expands and allows dimensional traction for desert-like and rough terrains. With the Alpike tire, Hankook is increasing tire circumference to improve driving quality in wet or snow covered road conditions, and additional exposed spikes will increase performance and safety in rough terrains. The futuristic Hyblade tire will include a tread that efficiently drains excess water when wet surface driving.

Hankook understand the needs of their customers and integrates customer feedback into the design of their products.

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