Firestone Tires

Firestone Tire has been producing tires for over 100 years and is the industry’s pioneer for seeing and meeting the demand for more durable, reliable automotive products. The company strives to offer the best quality and most reliable tires.

Currently, Firestone Tires has seven lines of tires on the market, including the following:

  • Champion Tires
  • Destination Tires
  • Firehawk Tires
  • Transforce Tires
  • Winterforce Tires
  • Affinity Tires
  • Precision Tires


Firestone Champion tires are guaranteed to have longer treadwear than most tires, increase vehicle fuel economy, and have the best limited mileage warranty offered by the company. The Destination tire is an all-season tire that can handle city roads, as well as off-roading. Transforce all-season tires are built to be durable and maintain traction in wet conditions, and Winterforce tires maintain traction in winter conditions, while still providing a comfortable ride.

If you are looking to take driving to a new level, you should look into the Firestone Firehawk line of tires. These tires have excellent wet and dry grip, braking, and have track-proven performance. Customers can also choose to have an exceptionally comfortable and quiet ride by purchasing Firestone Affinity tires.

Firestone works to maintain their customers’ respect and offers a variety of tire warranties, including the Gold Pledge Limited Warranty, Buy & Try 30-Day Guarantee, Winter / Temporary Use Spare Tires, and Supplemental Mileage Limited Warranty, with the possibility of adjusting any warranty to meet specific needs. Through a Firestone affiliated retailer, customers can also purchase a tire protection plan and service repair warranty for extra coverage.

In Firestone’s eyes, “Reaching a destination isn’t a one-time thing. With Firestone tires, it’s an everyday thing”.

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