Carlstar Tires

The Carlstar Group Research and Development Team develops tire designs by utilizing cutting-edge technology. In particular, the Team uses DFLS (Design for Lean Sigma) for correct tire positioning, and the use of Rapid Prototyping allows their engineers to visualize prototype performance, increasing the likelihood of successful structural implementation.

Carlstar Tire primarily focuses on manufacturing ATV / UTA and power sports tires, and all are made right here in the United States.

Tire design characteristics like flotation, flexibility, cornering, and ply-rating have significant impact on your choice of ATV / UTA tire styles, along with running surface and on or off road environments. Carlstar has developed turf and lawn (residential and professional), chore, golf and utility, and snow tire models.

In addition to their tire products, The Carlstar Group has developed several other product lines; power equipment, trailers, wheels, and belts, and many other related products. Recently, the company released several new product lines including their Radial Trail RH Tire, Turf Pro Plus R-3 tire, the LinkSport Golf Tire, UltraGuard MX Mixed Surface Use Tire, and the UltraGuard LVT Extreme Service Skid Steer Tire.

The company is a global manufacturer of equipment, wheels, construction equipment, trailers and also sells many leading brand tires like Carlisle, ITP, and Cragar. Many of these brands are not available direct and need to be purchased from a dealer.

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