OTR Tires

OTR tires (Off the Road)

For all your heavy equipment and construction equipment tire needs, Wonderland carries well respected brands that will help you get the job done.

Our Off the Road tire brands are specifically engineered for the environments in which they will be used. We offer a wide variety of different sidewall thicknesses, tire construction and tread patterns. We also offer many other OTR specialty tires that are designed for specific environments and conditions.

The three primary types of OTR tire construction are:

Bias: These tires are constructed with cords laid diagonally across one another from bead to bead and the tread is laid over this crisscross pattern of cords. Due to their design, bias ply tires flex relatively easily, resulting in a smooth ride even on very uneven ground or rough terrain. The disadvantages to this particular design is they provide less traction and at higher speeds vehicle control is compromised.

Belted Bias: This type of tire construction is essentially a bias tire with stabilizing belts attached between the cords and tread to provide increased strength and puncture resistance. The more rigid construction results in less rolling resistance and improved handling at moderate speeds.

Radial: Radial tires are a combination of the bias and belted bias construction. This increased rigidity and durability strengthens the tire, provides improved puncture and slash resistance and further improved handling and rolling resistance. This type of construction, however provides the equipment operator with a considerably rougher ride at low speeds, and depending on the tread pattern, may not self clean well.

If you’re looking for OTR tires for your loader, backhoe, wheel loader or any other piece of construction or heavy equipment, trust our Wonderland team to help you pick the right tires for your terrain and equipment.

In addition to providing a full line of off the road tires Wonderland also provides onsite and in-store service.  Our state of the art service vehicles are equipped to handle just about anything you might encounter out in the field.  Click here  to learn more about our onsite and in store service capabilities.