Commercial and Personal

Are you looking to buy a new set of tires and don’t know where to begin? You have come to the right place!
Wonderland Tire carries a wide variety of tires from the industry’s best performing brands, for commercial and personal use. If it’s new tires for your fleet you’re looking for, we have a great Fleet Program to ensure you the best service.

Before you make a purchase, it’s helpful to understand the basics of tire design.

If you look at your tire’s tread pattern and see that all the ridges or “tread wear bars” have become level with the tire tread, it is time to replace your tires. We carry tires for any and all weather conditions, driving styles, performance preferences and price ranges.

The most common type of tire is an “all season” or general purpose tire. They are engineered to perform on a variety of road conditions. They will deliver safe braking, traction and handling on rain and lightly snow covered roadways, and moderate off road environments.

A wide variety of tires are engineered for specific road and weather conditions. Generally, they deliver improved traction, tread depth, and improved handling.  “Snow tires” for example are designed with a more aggressive tread pattern and specially formulated rubber compounds that deliver increased handling and traction on snow covered roadways. Most manufacturers snow tires can be identified by the “mountain snowflake” located on the tire’s sidewall.

There are 4 basic tire tread patterns you should be aware of:

  • Directional (unidirectional) Tires
  • Symmetrical Tires
  • Asymmetrical Tires
  • Directional / Asymmetrical Tires

Unidirectional treaded tires have a large V-shape pattern between tread blocks, allowing water to be siphoned off quickly, minimizing the possibility of hydro-planing. Because of this feature, tires with unidirectional tread are widely recognized as being extremely safe. Asymmetrically treaded tires are designed with multiple tread patterns to maximize traction on wet and dry roadways and are commonly used for sports cars.

Symmetrical tread patterns are designed with a series of grooves or “lugs” that stretch across the entire span of the tire, which increases tire life and reduces road noise. Directional/asymmetrical tread patterns have the same V-shaped pattern that the directional tread features, as well as the same traction of the asymmetrical tread. These tread type siphons water quickly in wet conditions, while still maintaining traction on dry surfaces.

It can be tough deciding what kind of tread and tire will best suit your needs. Price, brand, driving habits and operating environment all play a role in the decision-making process. Our Wonderland Tire experts will ensure you find the right tires for your vehicle!

In addition to the wide variety of new tires brands we offer, we also provide additional tire services. To learn more about our aluminum wheel cleaning, Tire Pressure Monitoring System services and our Hunter Road Force balancing service, Click here, send us an email, or call today!