Wonderland Tire Company is a local, family-owned company.  Since 1945, we have celebrated entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, winning generations of loyal customers.


1945: Upon discharge from military service in WWII, Bill Kamps takes advice from his commanding officer and takes a job in the up-and-coming tire retread industry.
1960: After a decade of service to the Bill Elder Tire Company in Grand Rapids, MI, Mr. Kamps and his partner Jerry DeVries open Kamps-DeVries Tire, an independent tire service store in Greenville, MI. A Hawkinson franchise provides their customers with state-of-the-art retreading for all of Montcalm County. They win a dealership contract with Michelin Tires and begin selling the company’s newly-developed radial tires.
1968: Jerry DeVries buys out Bill Kamps’ portion of the company and brings his family onboard the tire business, focusing on his store in Greenville, MI.
1978: 10 years later, Bill returns to the tire business joined by his sons, Henry and Earl. Together, they founded Wonderland Tire and opened their first location on Main Street in Byron Center, MI.
1980:   The family saw opportunities to enter again into retreading, this time in Grand Rapids, by opening a manufacturing plant on Division Ave and acquiring an Oliver precure retread franchise.  By focusing on supplying major waste hauler and local trucking fleets with quality retread products and service, this soon led to rapid growth reaching as far as South Holland, IL.
1983-1984: Bill and his sons are joined by their nephews, David and Jonathan Langerak.
1984: Wonderland Tire relocates its headquarters to a larger building located at 84th Street & US-131.
1986: Henry and Earl purchase the business from their father, Bill.
1987: Wonderland Tire enlarges its Division Avenue retread plant with a new addition.
1992: Henry and Earl purchase three acres in South Holland, near Chicago, and build a new store location at 161st Street and State Street.
1995: Wonderland Tire builds a new 24,000 square foot retread plant in Wayland, MI, expanding production capacity to 150 truck tire retreads per day.
1996: Henry and Earl begin plans to transfer ownership of the company to a third generation, Jon and Dave Langerak.
1998: Wonderland Tire invests in new technology, updating its manufacturing process to AcuTread precision mold cure retreading while co-developing the trade-marked AcuTread mold cure process.
1999: Wonderland’s Wayland plant adds 12,000 square feet and new equipment, increasing its capacity to 250 truck retreads a day, meeting demand for the new AcuTread products.
2004: Wonderland Tire owners purchase the orginal Kamps-DeVries Tire location in Greenville and hire Dave DeVries, Jerry’s son, to manage commercial tire routes for that location.
2005: The Byron Center location adopts Hunter Road Force Balancing technology.
2007: The company purchases Valley Retreading in Grand Rapids and Lawens Tire in Six Lakes and opens a new location in Zeeland, MI.
2008: Wonderland Tire purchases the Chrysler dealership building in Greenville and remodels the 15,000 square foot location to meet customer demand.
2008: Jon and Dave Langerak become the third generation of Wonderland Tire owners, acquiring a majority shareholding in the company and taking the reigns as President and COO.  Henry and Earl continue to lead the company by mentoring and supervising daily operations.
2012: Wonderland Tire continues a tradition of innovation and fast, friendly customer service. We now manage and maintain five locations in Byron Center, Wayland, Greenville, Zeeland, and Calumet City, IL.