Spring Safety Tip: Driving in the Rain

Spring Safety Tip: Driving in the Rain
on March 27, 2018 in Blog

Happy Spring everyone! 

Trade your snow boots for rain boots folks, it’s officially spring! Much like you switch your shoes with the changing seasons, it’s smart to give your car a wardrobe update too. Worn tires can cause extra safety issues when venturing out into the rainy weather. After months of driving in that snow, a lot of us feel that we are dangerous road experts, but rain can present new and different challenges. If you are driving on old tires, innocuous puddles can be deadly. 

Worn tires are more likely to hydroplane since their treads are much shallower and allow more water to remain underneath the tires. Another more dangerous issue is reduced braking ability. It can take 3—6 feet longer to make a wet-weather stop from 40 mph on worn tires. For your safety, always leave extra room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. If your car starts to hydroplane, back off of the gas until you’re back in control.


 “Our tests show that rain and snow traction can decline significantly even with half the tread intact” — Consumer Reports, read more here.


Want to check your treads at home? Place a penny in one of the grooves. The more of Lincoln’s head that you can see, the sooner you need to get to a Wonderland Tire store and have one of our trained professionals ensure your safety on those rainy roads.

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